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Support College After Incarceration

The average cost (annual tuition and fees) of a public university or college is ~$6,500 in Maryland and ~$5,500 in the US. After grants and financial aid, the average out-of-pocket cost is just under $1,500. One of the biggest barriers to higher education is finances. We hope to defray the cost of education for our scholars. Please help us along our journey. 

One tuition credit: ~$200
One Course: ~500
One Semester: ~$1500

Link to Annual Tuition Cost:

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To help inspire others with similar backgrounds as myself to excel beyond what society and life circumstances have set to be the norm. 
To reach, touch, and change the lives of individuals with disadvantaged backgrounds through advocacy, mentoring, and policy change.  


To provide mentoring and educational counseling to individuals returning from incarceration and individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds so that they may position themselves to start building their career as opposed to obtaining temporary employment.